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Enjoying The Greenery In Tabek Indah, Lampung

Enjoying The Greenery In Tabek Indah, Lampung.

Ramadan, the holy month for Moslem is getting closer. And after Ramadan there's a big day awaited: Eid ul Fitr. A time where family, relatives, and friends gather and forgive each other. First and second day of Eid are usually graced with cookies, cakes, and delicacies. On the third, fourth day and so on, people start to invade recreational spots. That's what my family and I did last year he he.

On 4 Syawal (31 July) last year, we visited one of recreational spots nearby Bandar Lampung. Beach? Big no! On holiday seasons such as Eid ul Fitr and New Year, beaches are super crowded. So we decided to visit Tabek Indah instead. My first impression was, the grass was no longer as green as before. Maybe because we had dry season on last Ramadan. Even so, we could still feel the wind breezed through the trees. I wish I could take a nap here after lunch ha ha.

Tabek Indah itself located in Natar, about 8 km from Bandar Lampung. It took about 30 minutes to arrive here with car. This recreational site isn't too big. Quite many visitors, but it's not crowded. What about the ticket? We had to pay Rp 10.000/person. This place was equipped with a waterboom (we have to pay more if we want to go to the waterboom area), bungalows (if we want to stay over), praying room, outbound and paintball arena, and small playground for kids. There's a large pond, too and there were some small shacks on the poolside. And Alhamdulillah the shacks were free of charge. Tabek Indah also had a cafe, restaurant and meeting room for rent. But visitors were allowed to bring food.

I didn't do much here, mostly just took some pictures. My husband, Rayyaan, and my sis-in-law tried a water bike. What about me? No thanks. I had big enough calves already hi hi. My nephews took a water bike to along with their parents. After they finished (exhausted) riding the water bikes, it's lunch time! After lunch we took Zuhur prayer in the nearest praying room. Soon after, the kids decided to go back to the playground.

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OK, it's 1 p.m already. Time to grab our belongings and go home. While my nephews felt tired and sleepy, my lil boy was still on his full-of-energy mode! Even when we arrived at home, Rayyaan wasn't sleepy at all. So I waited for about 30 minutes and bathed him. Not long after, the bath effect started to take control and this energetic lil boy took a nap peacefully. It's always good to have a picnic with family. Even though we just visited a small recreational place but it's much better than only wandering around the mall. I mean, window shopping's cool but watching the greenery is more relaxing. I wish Bandar Lampung had a large park where family and relatives can get together, enjoy the greenery and feel relax.

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